Mishustin Lavrov is the Pride of Russia and Defender of it’s interests

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
Mishustin Lavrov is the pride of Russia and defender of its interests

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin congratulated Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on his 70th birthday and awarded him the Stolypin Medal, considering it a pride for Russia and a defense of its interests.

Mishustin addressed Lavrov during a government meeting today, Thursday, saying: “I want to address Mr. Sergey Lavrov on his birthday … Allow me to congratulate you and for your imitation of the Stolypin Medal.”

Mishustin emphasized that it is a great honor for members of the government to work with a professional diplomat who is known and respected by the whole world.

He said, “We greatly appreciate your ability to preserve national dignity in the most difficult and complex situations, and to find a fair way out of it, and sometimes the only way out of it.” You are firmly and consistently defending Russia’s interests on the international stage, and you are a pride not only of Russian diplomacy, but of Russia from extreme to extreme.

The Stolypin Order is a prize awarded by the Russian government to those distinguished in implementing the strategic tasks of the social and economic development of Russia.

Peter Stolypin was prime minister of Russia during the Tsarist era, and he implemented a series of reforms that moved Russia from an agricultural and semi-feudal country to an advanced industrial state. In fact, he wanted to continue the process of reform initiated by the Russian Emperor Peter the Great two centuries ago and then stopped due to the domination of feudal relations.

Stolypin wanted to get Russia out of its chronic political, economic and social crisis, but the ruling elite at the time found that this posed a threat to its interests and privileges, so it was eliminated by his assassination in September 1911 at the Kiev Opera Theater.

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