Mishustin must tighten measures against the Coronavirus in all regions on Russia

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
Mishustin must tighten measures against the Coronavirus in all regions of Russia

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin called for tightening measures against the outbreak of the Corona virus throughout the country, and urged citizens to refrain from unnecessary movements in the coming days.

Mishustin stressed, during the meeting of the State Coordination Committee for Combating the “Covid-19” virus in Russia, today, Friday, the need to expand the restrictive precautionary measures taken in the capital, Moscow, and its province to all regions of the country.

The Prime Minister pointed out that these measures allowed Russia to buy time, which now gives it an opportunity to benefit from the experience of other countries in fighting the virus.

Mishustin confirmed that President Vladimir Putin and the Council of Ministers intend to take strict measures in order to fight the virus, but they will not succeed unless citizens adhere to the directives issued.

The Prime Minister called on citizens to understand the necessity of the imposed restrictions, to refrain from any entertainment activities and unnecessary movements, except for emergency cases, and to stay at home during the next week, which Putin declared a paid holiday across the country.

This came a day after Moscow’s authorities expanded and boycotted a package of restrictive measures aimed at implementing social distancing and stopping the spread of the Coronavirus.

So far, Russia has recorded 1036 cases and three deaths due to the virus.

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