Putin and Trump discussed strengthening of Russia America cooperation in Combating the Coronavirus Pandemic

Russia Russian President: Vladimir Putin
USA American President: Donald Trump
Putin and Trump discussed strengthening of Russian-American cooperation in combating the Corona virus pandemic

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, Donald Trump, discussed today, Monday, strengthening cooperation between Russia and the United States in combating the Corona pandemic.

The Kremlin announced that Putin and Trump expressed, during the call, which was conducted at the initiative of the American side, “their deep concern about the scope of the spread of the Corona virus in the world,” adding that they “exchanged knowledge of the measures taken in the two countries to combat this danger.”

The Kremlin added that the two presidents “discussed the possibility of closer cooperation between the two countries in this direction.”

Since January 2020, the world is facing an unprecedented crisis caused by the outbreak of Corona infection, which began spreading since December 2019 from the Chinese city of Wuhan and led to huge losses in many sectors of the economy, especially transportation, tourism and entertainment, the collapse of global stock markets and the acceleration of the decline in energy markets.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified Corona infection as a general epidemic, and so far more than 746,000 cases of this strain have been recorded in the world in about 170 countries, including 35,346 deaths and 157,078 recoveries.

The United States is currently the first country in the world in terms of HIV infections, as it recorded 145,131 cases, including 2608 deaths, while in Russia it recorded 1836 cases and 9 deaths.

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