Putin Russia Managed to avoid a significant increase in the number of the Coronavirus infections

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Putin Russia managed to avoid a significant increase in the number of coronavirus infections

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the measures taken to confront the Corona virus in the country allowed the use of time and prevented a significant increase in the number of infections last week.

“It is imperative that our procedures be professional and rational,” Putin said in a meeting held today, Monday, with the relevant representatives of the federal circles. This particular approach allowed us to gain the necessary time and prevent the rapid spread of the Coronavirus infection during the past weeks.

The Russian president added, “We must use the available stock of time fully and productively.”

Putin instructed to increase the diagnostic centers for the new Corona virus in the Russian regions, stressing the need to inform people of developments in the situation related to the Coronavirus and the measures taken by the authorities to combat the epidemic.

Putin considered, however, that the first task in the framework of the anti-virus campaign is to identify the sources of the spread of the epidemic in Russia and prevent it from leaving this range.

He also considered that imposing a complete self-isolation system in Moscow and the Moscow District is a justified measure, stressing the need to strictly adhere to its rules and hold violators accountable.

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