Putin visits the Corona virus control center in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Today, Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Kommunarka town hospital in Moscow for receiving and treating people infected with the emerging coronavirus, where he inspected the progress of activities and praised the doctors’ work.

During his visit to the hospital, Putin inspected the state of the conditions there, while he wore protective clothing, and spoke with the doctors there about their work progress.

Putin said, during a meeting with the hospital administration: “I saw the doctors during their work, all of them on their combat positions. They all work like clockwork, well and coordinated. ”

“I feel these people know what they should do and how they should do it,” Putin added. They have all the necessary capabilities, and are actively using the technologies, equipment and means available to them. ”

The Russian President also praised the high level of patient transplantation in this hospital, and said: “Recovered people start another life at all, and this thing happens thanks to you to a large extent. I know this from my experience, it takes an ability to organize work, and you were able to do that. This is a good example of how similar work can be organized.

For his part, the chief physician at Kommunarka Hospital, Denbis Protsenko, described this institution as “satellite”, referring to the high level of doctors and technical equipment, considering that it is much better than its counterparts in Europe.

Meanwhile, Protenko stressed the need to prepare for all possible scenarios related to the evolution of the outbreak.

He said in this context: “From a medical point of view, two main scenarios have been described so far, namely the Asian, in which a rapid retreat is taking place, and the Italian, according to which a deterioration is taking place … I think it is very important to train on the Italian scenario in the event of a major outbreak.

” As of Tuesday, there were 495 new cases of the new Corona virus in Russia, including 290 in Moscow and 35 in Moscow Province, while the general outcome of those recovering reached a point of 22 people.

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