Russia Asks Twitter to delete false news about curfew in Moscow

Russia asks Twitter to delete false news about curfew in Moscow

The Russian Communications Supervision Authority, “Rosscom Nadzor,” called on the “Twitter” social networking site to delete false news that “imposing a curfew in Moscow due to the emerging corona virus.”

The authority said that today, Thursday, it received a letter from the Public Prosecution requesting the removal of “false information that was published on” Twitter “and alleging that the Minister of Defense ordered the imposition of a curfew in Moscow.

“Ruscom Nadzor” confirmed that it had sent a communication to the “Twitter” administration to remove “illegal information”, adding that “Facebook” had deleted “incorrect information of social importance and related to the number of people infected with the Coronavirus in Russia” that it had previously published, following He received a request from the authority in this regard yesterday, Wednesday.

A week ago, the Russian Defense Ministry denied the validity of the information circulating on social media about imposing a curfew in Moscow, confirming that the image, which was said to be a copy of the text of a ministerial decision to ban the curfew, is “a fraud from one of the neighboring countries.

The ministry stressed that “no such documents have been issued in this content and form.”

According to the latest data, 182 new infections were recorded in Russia during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of infected people to 840, and the number of people recovering from the virus 38.

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