Russia Authorities recorded the first tow deaths from Covid 19

The Russian authorities recorded the first two deaths from the Corona virus in Russia

Today, Wednesday, the Russian health authorities announced the registration of the first two deaths from the emerging coronavirus in Russia.

The Special Operations Center for Coronavirus Control in Moscow stated, in a statement, that the two patients died in the Russian capital, the first of whom was 88 years old and the second was 73 years of age.

The statement indicated that they had been infected with the new Corona virus “COVID-19”, adding: “It was confirmed that they had suffered from pneumonia, and that they had chronic diseases.”

The two patients are considered the first deaths recorded from the Corona virus in Russia since the start of the outbreak in the country.

As of Wednesday evening, 658 new cases of the new Corona virus were recorded in Russia in general, including 480 in Moscow, while 30 cases of recovery were monitored.

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