Russia Sent a Medical aid plane to the United States Of America

Russian medical humanitarian aid to the United States of America
Russia sent a medical aid plane to the United States of America

The Kremlin announced that Russia will send a plane loaded with medical aid to the United States, to support its efforts to combat Corona, indicating that the plane will likely take off today, Tuesday.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that preparations for sending the plane took place today, noting that this assistance was discussed during the recent phone call between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on Monday.

He added that “the Russian side offered assistance against the backdrop of the difficult situation in America due to the spread of the epidemic,” noting that the aid consists of medical equipment and means of protection.

He indicated that Trump agreed to accept this aid, and expressed his gratitude to Russia.

Peskov added that during the coordination of steps to implement the agreement of the two presidents, “the impression was formed that some officials on the American side did not help in resolving technical issues quickly.”

He added that President Putin decided to provide aid on the basis that the American side would reciprocate in case of necessity, stressing that “now, when the current situation affects everyone without exception and takes global dimensions, there is no alternative to joint action in a spirit of partnership and mutual support.”

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