Russia suspends flights to and from the country

Russia suspends flights to and from the country

The Russian government decided to suspend all flights to and from the country as of Friday, March 27, except for flights intended to evacuate Russian citizens to the homeland.

The government mandated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide assistance to Russian citizens stranded abroad until their return to the country, at the expense of Russian institutions’ funds in the countries concerned, and directed the Ministry of Finance to allocate additional funds for this purpose if necessary.

This came within a package of decisions to confront the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which the government announced on its website this morning, Thursday.

In other steps, the government directed the federal authority institutions to transfer the largest possible number of their employees to work remotely, and directed the Russian provincial and territorial authorities to suspend the work of trade and entertainment centers and cinemas, and to prohibit the use of hookah in public places.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin put forward a series of social and economic proposals to curb the spread of Corona in the country.

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