Russian Fighter Crashes Over the black sea and the search for a pilot is underway

A Russian fighter crashes over the Black Sea and the search for a pilot is underway

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, this evening, Wednesday, that its “Su-27” fighter plane had crashed while flying over the waters of the Black Sea, noting that rescue forces are currently searching for the pilot.

In a statement, the ministry said: “At 20:10 on March 25, the signal of the Su-27 fighter was lost from the screens of the objective means of monitoring, during its implementation of a planned flight over the waters of the Black Sea, 50 km from the city of Feodosia.”

The ministry added that preliminary data indicated that the plane fell into the sea, explaining that the difficult weather conditions in the region further complicate the search for the pilot.

The statement stated that rescue operations are taking place with the participation of the Southern Military District forces, which were sent to the area where the commander of the fighter had disappeared, an “AN-26” aircraft and a “Mi-8” helicopter, in addition to a military ship and civilian boats that were near the site of the accident.

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