WHO Commends Russia’s efforts to take proactive and comprehensive measures against corona

Global Health commends Russia’s efforts to take proactive and comprehensive measures against Corona

The representative of the World Health Organization in Russia, Melita Voinovich, praised the measures taken by the Russian authorities to curb Corona in the country, stressing that Moscow dealt with the virus in a proactive and comprehensive manner.

“The future of Russia,” Vojinovic said today, Thursday, in an interview with the portal. National projects, ”“ The measures that Russia is taking since the day the World Health Organization received a report from China about the emergence of a new virus that causes severe pneumonia, wonderful measures, as they are a comprehensive set of measures, not a single measure. ”

Voynovic indicated that what Russia has done and is doing to prevent the spread of the virus on a large scale in its territory “completely conforms to the recommendations of the World Health Organization”, and highly appreciated the level of Russia’s readiness to confront the virus, saying that “Russia has already anticipated the epidemic thanks to its preparedness.”

Voynovic refused to set a date for the end of the Corona crisis in the world, and said: “Nobody knows that.”

The number of confirmed cases of corona in Russia has reached 840 so far, 38 people have recovered, while two deaths have been recorded.

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